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"The Cutest Kid On The Block"

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David-Allen "Chico" Ryan!


Chico has a new home in cyberspace!!!!  Visit his new home at!  We'll keep the old site up for a little longer but all updates will be at the new site!!!!

Chico - April 9, 1948 - July 26, 1998, we miss you and we love you!

We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Danny McBride's family.  Danny passed away this morning, July 23rd, at 4 AM in his sleep from heart failure.  He and Chico were very good friends and one of the last things he did was write the bio about Rainface.  Chico was responsible for getting him the audition for Sha Na Na.  We love you Danny and we will miss you.  The Sha Na Na wing is starting to fill up and it's heartbreaking.  We hope you know how much we appreciated you contributing to this website.  May you and Chico rock and roll the heavens for eternity.  Rest in peace.

This website is dedicated to David-Allen “Chico” Ryan. He was a member of Sha Na Na for 25 years before he passed away in 1998. He was my favorite member of the band and he really made a big impact on me. I decided to do some research on the Internet about his musical contributions outside of Sha Na Na and all I found was a series of obituaries and celebrity birthdays. This awesome guy was someone’s son, brother, husband, and father. He was a friend to many people and we the fans loved him. He had a huge smile and a great spirit. He thoroughly enjoyed playing and recording music.  He was also one hell of a great musician and could play many instruments as well as sing. He not only was a member of Sha Na Na but he also was in several other bands as well and contributed to many people’s musical recordings.   

I've had the pleasure of contacting a few of his friends who were more than happy to talk about Chico and the impact he had on their lives.  We've started a page for people who want to talk about their memories of Chico.

There are a lot of cool things on the website for you to check out.  Band histories, personal facts, fun stuff that you might not have known about Chico, a photo gallery, and video clips that we'll be adding to.  This is a website dedicated to all things Chico.  We hope that you stop by often.

We also have a group at Yahoo called ChicoholicsAnonymous so feel free to stop by and join other fans of Chico.  The cutest boy on the block!

When I was teeny bopper, Sha Na Na had a variety show on television which was my introduction to the band.  They played the music that my parents grew up listening to and helped instill an appreciation for 50's music that still is with me to this day.  Chico was instantly my favorite from the first episode I watched.  He was always smiling.  He smiled more than any of the other guys and always appeared to be having a good time.  My favorite lineup of Sha Na Na was:
Dirty Dan
Screamin' Scott

Chico Ryan Photo Album

Poem by Lita:

Greaser Idol

I can't help the way I feel about Chico.
I have precious memories of him singing and performing on the tv show.
Chico always looked so cool with his leather jacket and slicked-back hair.
My heart glows when I think of his amazing smile.
No doubt about it, Chico was the cutest kid on the block.
No one can hold a candle to you.
You're my greaser idol.

Another poem by Lita:

Here's a poem that I've written in loving memories of both Chico and Danny.
Rest in peace and may God bless the two of you always.

 Eternal Angels

 We feel sad and blue because the world has never been the same without the two
of you.
The tears from our eyes fall like rain,
Yet the ache in our hearts will always remain.
God needed you both for a greater purpose and called you home,
Where they are both eternal angels and not alone.
We know that the two of you are in a much better place,
Where the two of you are entertaining in heaven smiling and playing your guitar
and bass.
Our eternal angels who are both always by our side,
We embrace your spirits with arms open wide.
They are eternal angels whom we all adore,
We love you both beyond now and forever more.


All website work done courtesy of web slaves.

Our favorite greaser David-Allen "Chico" Ryan

Television lineup of Sha Na Na

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