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"The Cutest Kid On The Block"

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Here's some fun stuff about Chico.

His favorite color was blue.  Hence the blue shirt he always wore, the blue and white bass with his name on it, and his blue bird costume in the Birds And The Bees skit on the show.

Chico smoked Camel cigarettes.

Chico played Fender guitars.

He once picked up his friend Mal Gray in a limousine at the airport with a crate of champagne.  As Mal said, the boy had style.

Wrote a song once called "I'd Rather Ride A Brahma Bull Than Spend One Night With You".  Can't help but wonder what girl inspired that ditty.  

Referred to as "the cutest kid on the block".  He sure was!

Bill Haley encouraged Chico to wear his leather jacket on the tour he did with Bill, although most of the time, it was strictly Comets uniforms. Bill's record company at that time, strongly objected to Chico wearing his ShaNaNa trademark leather jacket. But he wore it anyway with Bill's agreement, apart from on TV shows.  Hey, Chico was a tough street greaser.  

Chico sported a beard when he was on tour with Bill Haley.  Yeah, he covered up that cute mug of his with a beard.  Naturally you know it's him when that smile appears!  

Pamela Myers once did an interview with TV Guide and stated that Chico had the best body out of all of the guys.  I concur.  He looked great in a bikini.

She also said they had a kissing booth set up on one of the show's episodes and he was the most bashful about kissing her.  Is that cute or what?

First gig with Sha Na Na was at Chico State University and the name "Chico" stuck.

Chico enjoyed writing and recording music with others even though a lot of it never was released due to contractual obligations.  He wrote and recorded around 30 songs with Mal Gary.  He wrote and recorded three songs with Bill Haley and Mal Gray for a record that unfortunately didn't come out due to Bill's untimely passing.  Chico also visited the U.K. to record with Mal Gray, Pete Wingfield ('18 with a Bullet'), Mick Grabham (Procul Harem), and Steve Murray (the Comets).

When Mal met Chico they got on quite well and Chico organized a recording session in Boston with Danny McBride (Dirty Dan) and Jim Baker and along with Mal recorded some music.  Chico was always full of ideas and encouraged Mal to write songs.  Their first release written by Chico and sung by Mal was a song called "Tonight" which was released on Decca Records.

Chico, Dirty Dan, Bob Henderson (from Rockin' Ramrods fame) and Doug Kupper (producer at Tapeworks) recorded some of Doug's original songs together in Hartford, CT.

Chico was always looking for the next good gig which would become Sha Na Na.

Chico and Sha Na Na would have a couple of gigs in Connecticut during their tours and Doug would party with him until the wee hours.  Chico was a very fun loving guy.  Doug described him as affable, hard working,and positive.

Chico enjoyed touring with people when he was off the road or the show was on hiatus.  He said he played bass with Sha Na Na for money and guitar for fun.

Chico got Dirty Dan his audition with Sha Na Na.  He also brought Glen Jordan into the band.

Chico lived in Woodland Hills, CA during the TV show.

Chico's wife is British.