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"The Cutest Kid On The Block"

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This is a list of the bands Chico was in.  We are working on exactly when he joined each band, how long he was in each band, and what he contributed to each band.  If you have any information on his time in these bands or any photos of him with these bands, please contact us.

The Minutemen - this was a band he played in I guess while still in high school.  If anyone has any info on the band, let us know.

The Rockin' Ramrods - this was a band he played in when he was in college.  He joined the band around 1966 or 1967.  They did a tour opening for the Rolling Stones and after Ronnie Campisi left the band, they brought Chico into the band because they had seen him playing in another band and immediately realized that he was the talent in that band.  He brought a lot of energy and excitement into the Rockin' Ramrods.  He brought a lot of ideas as well.  Unfortunately the band didn't last much longer after that.  They were one of the house bands at a venue known as the Surf.

Puff - this was an extension from the Ramrods.  This was around 1968.  The Ramrods had gotten a record deal.  They recorded the record in New York City right off of Times Square.  The producer decided to name the band Puff without apparently any input from the band members themselves.  They put out one album and I think Chico handled most or all of the vocals on it.  I don't think the band lasted very long but you can buy the record either in LP form or on eMusic.  It appears that Ronnie Campisi started the band but only wrote the music.  He didn't actually play in the band that we're aware of.  They toured mostly regionally throughout New England.

Rainface - this was his own band that he fronted in.  He formed this band in 1970 and it lasted until 1972.  It was formed after the Ramrods fell apart and had two guys in it that would later on become members of Sha Na Na.  That's right.  Dirty Dan and Glenn Jordan.  Their drummer Bobby Henderson had been in the Rockin' Ramrods with Chico.  The band lasted for two years until Chico accepted a bass gig with Bob Emma and eventually joined The Happenings.

The Happenings - this was a band he joined that had a couple of hits, one of them being "See You In September".  We're trying to get more information on this band.  Chico left this band to join up with Sha Na Na.

Sha Na Na - need we say more?  He joined up in 1973 and was in the band until his death.  They had a hit TV show and made a cameo appearance in "Grease".  Sha Na Na was also in "Festival Express" however this was before Chico became a member.  He also got his friend Dirty Dan his audition for Sha Na Na as well as another friend Glen Jordan.  He always had a big smile on the show and seemed to thoroughly enjoy being part of Sha Na Na.   

Bill Haley And The Comets - Mal Gray hooked Chico up as part of the lineup for Bill Haley's last tour in the U.K.  This was around 1979.  Mal was instrumental in changing the lineup of the Comets and he invited Chico to be a part of that which he did.  Chico brought a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the band when he joined up for the "Royal Command" tour.   He even fired up Bill so that Bill started writing again and joined them in the studio for demo sessions.  Chico's enthusiasm was very infectious.    

Chico was also a member of the Mal Gray Band when they were touring.  If Chico wasn't working for Sha Na Na he would fly to Europe before or during the tour and join up with the band.  He was in and out of the band between approximately 1977 and 1981.  Chico brought enthusiasm, energy, and a good time feel to the band.

Mal Gray also invited Chico to be part of his band as the opening act for two European tours for Fats Domino in 1979.

The Wing-It Band - we found this on the Internet.  In March of 1998 he played bass in this band for the Children's Make-A-Wish Foundation at WATD in Marshfield, MA.