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"The Cutest Kid On The Block"

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Site Updates
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We've added more info on songs that Chico did the lead singing on.  There will be more videos of Chico.  We just basically got a treasure trove of episodes of the show and some miscellaneous stuff.  

We're in the process of a new site design plus we now have a domain name for Chico's site.

More cute skits with Chico added.

Don't forget to tune into next Saturday at 6 PM CST for the Golden Oldies show!  This show will be dedicated to Chico on the 11th anniversary of his passing.  We'll have funny stories and reminiscing by a special guest.  We'll be playing songs that Sha Na Na covered as well as a number of tunes with Chico singing lead!

We've added another video page.  Videos 8.  We'll be continuing to post any video footage we find of Chico!