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"The Cutest Kid On The Block"


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We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the website:

Mal Gray for his contributions to the discography, photos, and providing information about Chico.
Emiliano for his research into the lead vocals that Chico did on Sha Na Na releases and the Sha Na Na discography.
Johnny Contardo for providing photos.
Doug Kupper for his valuable contributions and stories about Chico.
Danny McBride for writing about Rainface.
Cindy for acquiring photos and contacting people and spreading the word.
Web Slaves for the hard work in putting the site together and keeping it updated.
Len Cirelli for agreeing to provide information about Chico's time in the Rockin' Ramrods.
Jesse Henderson for his valuable information about Puff and Rainface.
Lennie Baker for providing funny stories about Chico and giving us insight into being in Sha Na Na.
Ann Marie & Patti Beth for providing all the songs Chico sang lead on during the TV show.
Angela for doing so much research on Chico and tracking down musicians who worked with Chico.

We couldn't accomplish this without these awesome people.  The biggest credit goes out to David-Allen "Chico" Ryan for inspiring an entire generation of kids.  One of the web slaves picked up a bass as a kid because of Chico!