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"The Cutest Kid On The Block"


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The music is what matters most...

These are all the Sha Na Na records Chico played on:

Live In Germany Musikladen DVD (1973)
Hot Sox (1974)
Sha Na Now (1975)
Rock N Roll Graffiti - Live In Japan (1975)
Rockin' In The 80's (1980)
Silly Songs (1981)
Sha Na Na Rock N Roll & Dance Party VHS (1987)
Sha Na Na In Concert DVD (1989)
34th & Vine (1990)
The Sha Na Na 25th Anniversary Collection (1993)
Live In Concert - 21 Rock N Roll Classics (mid 90's)
Live In Concert - 20 Hits - Vol 1 (mid 90's)
Live In Concert - 20 Hits - Vol 2 (mid 90's)
Rock N Roll Dance Party (1996)

Songs recorded with Mal Gray:

"Blackboard Rock" (w/ Bill Haley)
"The King" (w/ Bill Haley)
"I Will" (w/ Bill Haley)
"Promised Land" (live in Germany)
"Whole Lotta Shakin'" (live in Germany)
"Lover's Question" (live in Germany)
"Hello Mary Lou"
"School Is Out"
"Iron Curtain"
"Stood Up"
"I Believe What You Say"
"It Doesn't Matter Anymore"
"I Need Your Love Tonight"
"Just A Little Too Much"
"Ring Around Your Neck"
"It's Late"
"Treat Me Nice"
"Honey Don't"
"Feel So Bad"
"Gotta Lotta Livin' to Do"
"Cincinatti Fireball"
"Rock 'n' Roll Man"
"Get Off The Line"
"Brahma Bull"
"Tommy's Back In Town"
"Rock 'n' Roll Days"
"Save Your Love"
"I Fought The Law"
"Quarter To Three"

Records Chico played on outside of Sha Na Na:

Puff (1969)

Other People's Records:

Grease:  The Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture (1978)
Scott Simon - Transmissions In Space (1981)
Dan McBride - 16 Tunes And Whaddaya Get (1999)
Myles Connor & Friends - I Was The One (unsure of date)

Recorded music with Doug Kupper and Jesse Henderson